" C A S U C A " is a Japanese jewelry brand started in the summer of 2007 under the concept of “subtle but beautiful and impressive”.
All our jewelries are carefully made by craftsmen and our 18-carat gold chain is surprisingly brilliant with its’ original cut. We hope our jewelries to become your small, but precious treasures through your lifetime without being affected by trends.
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The Source of " C A S U C A "

There are two different senses of beauty in Japanese tradition. The first is “KENRAN GOUKA”, which is very colorful, and can be found in the bold designs of our artifacts and kimonos. The second is “WABI SABI”, which emphasizes simplicity and subtlety, and is reflected in our calligraphy and tea ceremony. “KENRAN GOUKA” and “WABI SABI” are two values that appear to oppose each other. However, both are an important part of Japanese culture.

The Japanese word “KAWAII” has become internationally recognized, primarily through Japanese animation and video games. Because of its background, the word evokes images that are “pop” or “cute”, although the original meaning is somewhat different, and derives from an appreciation of beauty that is both delicate and lovely. These values are the source of CASUCA.

Tomoko Yasuno, a fashion director and the designer of CASUCA, has always adored antiques and bricolage-----------objects that evoke a sense of nostalgia and precious memories. Through her expereience, she has found the true sense of “KAWAII” and decided to start CASUCA, jewelry designed for women who live courageously, love passionately, and have an appreciation for everyday life.

Delicately manufactured according to Japanese traditions, CASUCA’s jewelry sparkles brilliantly, even though it is small and unassuming. Its luster is pure and fresh-----------jewelry that is subtle but beautiful.

While wearing CASUCA, you will experience the joy of life.

This is small luxury, C A S U C A